Cultural & Dance Program – 10 weeks

Our Cultural & Dance Program is a structured program where the children participate in a variety of styles (see below) allowing them to engage in learning the basics of dance techniques and also participating in an educational cultural dance experience.

Program consists of:

  • 4 weeks of Jazz (to learn the fundamental elements of dance)
  • 1 week of Hip Hop 
  • 1 week of Bollywood 
  • 1 week of Salsa/Latin 
  • 1 week of Belly Dancing 
  • 1 week of African 
  • 1 week of Revision of all the above

Class Detail:

Upon booking we have a PDHPE ‘Teachers Marking Guide’, and assistance in marking to ensure easy assessment of the students.

All students are given a Dance till you Drop certificate at the end of the program, and at your discretion a Dance till you Drop tattoo.

We bring our own P.A. System with a headset and all the adequate and appropriate music to conduct our classes.

In order to build confidence in the students we rotate the lines throughout the class so that all the students have a turn to shine, and encouraging them to learn the routine.

Classes are structured to be suitable for the age group and dance ability.

Class structure consists of:

  • One song warm up
  • Fine motor skills through rhythm and coordination techniques
  • Choreography
  • Performance to each other in groups (where fitting)


Costs vary, so it is best to contact us with details such as; number of students, and time frame. We recommend two classes combined in a 30-40 minute session for the best cost effective option.

Please do contact us with any questions you may have, we would love to provide a dance service at your school!