“The classes were great on Wednesday and Isaac was fantastic, it was a rainy day and he dealt with a lot of children that had been cooped up all day, doing a brilliant job teaching them.”

Neutral Bay Public School
10 Week Dance Program

“It was great, the kids loved it, especially the younger children.”

Matthew Pearce OOSH
6 July 2016

“It was fantastic. The kids really loved it, they got so excited when they saw the dance teacher arrive. Very structured program, no hesitation is recommending them to others.”

Bluey's Treehouse - Avalon
6th Feb 2016

1.5 hrs of belly dancing, Hip Hop and Salsa:
“Amy was amazing, very prepared and suitable music and props. The kids were engaged the whole time. Will be booking in the future.”

Primary OSH Care - Mortlake
Friday 9 Jan 2015