Preschool Program

Preschool Kindy Dance Program

The Dance till you Drop preschool program is interactive, educational, musical, rhythmic and fun. With a background in children’s entertainment, children’s dancing, singing and acting teaching, we have developed a wonderful programs to intrigue little minds and get them more involved than ever.

We can cater for all your needs, whether it is a one-off incursion, multiple week bookings, or  to work towards a concert item to showcase to parents.

We arrive with our mobile speaker which can be moved from room to room if needed, age appropriate music, and a variety of props which allow us to provide a hassle free structured program. All we need from you is the children and a room to move about in!

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Preschool dance programs perth sydney melbourne adelaide gold coast brisbane

Depending on duration of session, number of students, amount of weeks booked for and size of room our program may include:

    1. Introduction
    2. Warm up
    3. Instrument participation
    4. Circle choreography
    5. Rhythm activity
    6. Partner activity
    7. Movement activities
    8. Various prop activities (scarves, castanets, maraca’s)


Each instructor has a variety of props which may include; ribbon sticks, castanets, shakers, pom poms, and scarves.

We have found that utilising props in our programs is a game changer. It is a physical and encouraging way to aide children to be engaged while learning movement and musicality, along with spacial awareness.

The children love the props! 


Preschool pic
Preschool kindy dance programs sydney melbourne perth adelaid gold coast brisbane

When Dance till you Drop is booked for a single session (incursion) we recommend the Music and Movement appreciation program.

When booked for multiple weeks we further incorporate more various activities and props so that the students are further enthused week after week.

Please touch base with us with any questions, and to obtain a quote. We would love to do a dance program at your child care centre!