Cultural Dance Program – 10 Weeks

“Combine elements of effort, space, time, objects and people when performing movement sequences. Participate in physical activities from their own and other cultures ”

Our most popular option is our exclusive Cultural Dance Program which is a structured 10 week program. The students participate in various dance styles from around the world, while also building on the basic fundamentals of dance including rhythm and coordination.

We have all the checks and requirements including a COVID Safe Plan, a Risk Assessment, and all of our team have WWCC/Blue Card passes.

We truly want all the children to feel confident and get the most from our classes so we rotate the lines so everyone has a chance to shine.


  • 4 weeks of Jazz (to learn the fundamental elements of dance)
  • 1 week of Hip Hop 
  • 1 week of Bollywood 
  • 1 week of Salsa/Latin 
  • 1 week of Belly Dancing 
  • 1 week of African 
  • 1 week of Revision of all the above



The dance style is the same throughout all year levels, with older students being able to cover more in their session.

Class introduction of the style for the week including a little about the culture > Warm up > Choreography > Perform for each other in groups

Sometimes the formation of the session will be set up different such as Salsa may be in two groups facing each other. 



Generally we do singular classes for 30 minutes, or combine two classes and extend the duration to 40-45 minutes. The price remains the same.

Although we recommend the 10 weeks, we can alter the number of weeks to suit your schools needs.