Harmony Day / Multicultural Day - Dance

One Off Cultural Dance Session

Our exclusive Cultural Dance Program, but designed for one off cultural dance experiences, such as Harmony Day, and Multicultural Day.

Students will be active and completely engaged for 30 – 40 minutes, following along, dancing one song from various styles from around the world.

We begin with a quick introduction, if time allows a jazz style warm up, then one song of each of our cultural dance styles. Prior to each style of dance we introduce the next style to the students mentioning; where the style is from, how it began, what makes it unique or similar to other styles.

It is a follow along style so the music is going the whole time, similar to a Zumba or gym class.

Dance structure includes:

    • Warm Up (if time permits)
    • Latin/South American
    • African
    • Bollywood/Indian
    • Hip Hop/American
    • Belly Dancing/Egypt

30 or 40 minutes?

This depends on your schedule, number of students, and budget. If you decide for the 30 minutes we may  not get time for the warm up track which is not an issue, the dance they will be doing is not strenuous.


Harmony Day Dance Harmony day activities

How many students per session?

This is a by the hour program, so you can have as many children in the room as you like. We find around two to classes is where the children will benefit most, but you can have up to three. Space and heat is something to consider also. Feel free to reach out with your thoughts on numbers and we will be happy to guide you.


Please note the below pricing is the total hours we are booked, so it includes breaks. Depending on location of your school, travel may need to be added on.

If you would love to do something like this but your school is rural, then click here to check out our Harmony Day DOWNLOAD! You can use it year after year!

This incursion is fun, active, cultural, encouraging and includes a brief introduction to each of the different styles.

"I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing dance program. 

The instructor you provided was fantastic!  He kept the children engaged and never lost his energy or enthusiasm even after so many lesson. The way he moved and explained dance steps was simple and very child friendly. "
OLSH Randwick

"Big thanks to the lovely Bollywood instructors at Kerrimuir Primary School today.

Students really enjoyed Bollywood dancing and had lot of really great feedback from teachers that it was so engaging and fun."
Kerrimuir PS - Chose Bollywood for the whole school and then had a dance off  after lunch.