“Design Your Own” Program

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YES! Design Your Own!

Let us know if you have a specific outcome such as a concert dance for each class, or year 6 graduation dance.

With all our experience we suggest and bring together a perfect program for your school, to suit your needs.

We truly want all the children to feel confident and get the most from our classes.One way we do this is by rotating the lines throughout the sessions so everyone has a chance to shine. It also encourages them to concentrate and participate as they know they will be up the front shortly - no hiding in our classes!

We also have all the checks and requirements including: Insurance, Risk Assessment, COVID Safe Plan, SAM4Schools, and all of our team have WWCC/Blue Card clearances.

Class detail:

Classes are structured,  suited to each year level coming through. Moving at a slower pace and more theatrical style for the younger ones, and a faster pace with a more age appealing teaching style as the year groups are older.

Class Structure

Depending on expectation of the outcome this will vary from class to class to ensure the outcome is achieved.

Class introduction > Warm up > Choreography >  Perform for each other in groups

Class Duration

Generally we do singular classes for 30 minutes, or combine two classes and extend the duration to 40-45 minutes. The price remains the same.

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Some fantastic examples of previous bookings:

  • Full school dance routine
  • School anniversary routines through the era's
  • School concerts
  • Eisteddfod/performance troupes
  • Weekly morning classes open to all students to encourage them to attend school on time
  • Zumba Fitness
  • Regular weekly classes of a range of styles of dance for the term